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The Dreaded “Middle Book” Syndrome (and How to Avoid It)

When it comes to planned trilogies, it can be challenging for the second installment to hold the reader’s attention. The overarching conflict is set up in the first book and concludes in the third. Meanwhile, in the second book, there’s often nothing to see for miles around but a whole bunch of rising action.

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Five Organizational and Motivational Tips for Self-Revision

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve completed the first draft of your manuscript.

First off: Congratulations! Second: Hop in. I have five organizational and motivational tips to set you on the path for productive self-revision.

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The Top 5 Editorial Mistakes I’ve Seen… and How to Fix Them, Part 5.

This final Editorial Mistake concerns errors that happen on a line-by-line and sentence-by-sentence basis.

This is copyediting, which typically has a localized impact, if any, on the reader's experience. However, when copyediting errors are abundant in a manuscript, it can keep the reader from investing interest in the story at hand.

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Why You Need a Professional Freelance Editor (and Where to Find The Right One)

An experienced freelance editor can assess which parts of your manuscript aren't functioning optimally and prescribe practical revisions to help you take it to the next level.

But don’t take my word for it.

Instead, take the word of agents, editors, and readers—the literary gatekeepers who will essentially judge your words whether you’ve hired a freelance editor or not.

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