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Is Writing/Life Balance Possible? Pt. 1: Building and Sustaining Momentum in Your Writing Practice

Much like Newton’s First Law of Physics, there is a key difference between a writing practice with momentum behind it and the considerable amount of energy a writer has to put in to get the ball rolling.

So, how do we gather this momentum? By setting a routine.

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The Dreaded “Middle Book” Syndrome (and How to Avoid It)

When it comes to planned trilogies, it can be challenging for the second installment to hold the reader’s attention. The overarching conflict is set up in the first book and concludes in the third. Meanwhile, in the second book, there’s often nothing to see for miles around but a whole bunch of rising action.

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Five Organizational and Motivational Tips for Self-Revision

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve completed the first draft of your manuscript.

First off: Congratulations! Second: Hop in. I have five organizational and motivational tips to set you on the path for productive self-revision.

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Rebekah Frumkin, Author of THE COMEDOWN, on Sharing Personal Experiences in Fiction (Interview Part 3 of 3)

At AWP 2018 in Tampa, I was honored to meet novelist Rebekah Frumkin. Her debut, The Comedown, was published by Henry Holt in April, and is available for purchase wherever books are sold

This third and final section gives Rebekah's advice on how and when to share personal experiences with your readers.

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