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Is Writing/Life Balance Possible? Pt. 1: Building and Sustaining Momentum in Your Writing Practice

Much like Newton’s First Law of Physics, there is a key difference between a writing practice with momentum behind it and the considerable amount of energy a writer has to put in to get the ball rolling.

So, how do we gather this momentum? By setting a routine.

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Five Organizational and Motivational Tips for Self-Revision

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve completed the first draft of your manuscript.

First off: Congratulations! Second: Hop in. I have five organizational and motivational tips to set you on the path for productive self-revision.

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How to Add Humor to Your Novel, Even If Your Novel Isn't Funny

“Do you have any more questions before you launch into revision?” I asked. 

“Well, I do have one — any advice on how to write funny scenes?” she said. 

Humor plays many roles in fiction, not just in books that are meant to be funny.

And if your funny bone is a little rusty, this week's blog post breaks down the building blocks of the joke, offers three considerations for conducting comedic research, and shares two sample scenes for you, the budding comedian, to learn from.

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Looking towards 2018, or, the Role Balance Plays in Approaching Your Writing Goals

If you've ever sung along with the radio, then you know this balance on a personal level. Your breath is finite. If you don't measure your inhalations and exhalations, you'll never keep up with the singer. (This is also a problem if you try to sing every part in "Bohemian Rhapsody," but I digress.) 

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