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Achieve your publishing goals.

There are so many ways to publish a book these days that “one size fits all” won’t cut it.

But with award-winning experience in traditional and self-publishing, professional editor Jessica Hatch guides you down your chosen path, every step of the way.

Hatch Editorial Clients have gone on to win national awards, land on Best Book of the Year lists, and earn critical praise from Kirkus Reviews, Indie Reader, and more.

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Your 15-Day Editing Game Plan:
Take 2 Weeks to Organize and Synthesize Your Plan of Attack

You wouldn’t move into a new house without a game plan for packing up all of your boxes, would you? No! The process would be exhausting, overwhelming, and seemingly endless. So, why would you go into editing your novel without a game plan? Revising your manuscript CAN be a peaceful, productive experience.

How to Find a Compatible Literary Agent: Resist the Urge to Accept Your First Offer without Research

A literary agent is a publishing pro who represents an author’s best interests in all business discussions. While an author often has a positive relationship with their acquiring editor, it is the literary agent who is in your corner. For this reason, it’s CRUCIAL to find an agent that “gets” you and your project.

Here are 6 tips for querying writers, both before and after you get an offer of representation.


Customizable Email Templates for Informational Interviews: If It’s “Who You Know,” Expand that Pool!

As is the case in many industries, in book publishing, it’s often who you know rather than what you know that gets you in the door. That’s where these customizable cold-pitch templates come in. They’ll help you make a good impression over email. Then, it’s up to you to make the magic happen (along with my “4 Tips for Rocking a Networking Coffee,” see below).


  • ** 10 Tips to Banish Writer’s Block **

  • 4 Tips for rocking a networking coffee

  • Printable editing checklists

  • Customizable email templates for editing requests

  • A budgeting template for freelance writers and other solopreneurs

  • How to write an eBook for your business

  • Printable character development worksheet