Here's what happy authors have to say about working with me.

Jessica and I had an extensive conversation at the beginning of the editorial process and she encouraged me to talk about my manuscript’s strengths, the goals I had as an author, and the problems I was still encountering with WILDER. I appreciated her ability to not only listen to and address my concerns but also to communicate solutions that both made perfect sense to me and were aligned with the market.

Jessica’s concrete and specific notes within the manuscript, her insightful editorial report, and each of our conversations gave me the confidence and understanding I need to do what I’m now sure will be my final revision. I’m thrilled with my experience.
— Traci O. Connor, Represented by Victoria Sanders & Associates
Jessica is a consummate editing professional: her communication style is direct and clear and is complemented by a genuine care for her clients’ work and success. Her editing style smacks of competence and experience and she has a keen eye for detail. She is confident in her own ability, being happy to compliment an author on what has worked in their manuscript whilst quickly zooming in with helpful suggestions on those areas of the text that require further work. I would recommend her services to any other budding or published novelists.
— James Vella-Bardon, Author of The Sassana Stone series, Unbound
Professional and fast. I would highly recommend to anyone.
— Carol Park, Author of MEMOIR OF A CASHIER: KOREAN AMERICANS, RACISM, AND RIOTS (Young Oak Kim Center, University of California Riverside, February 2017)
Jessica helped me with my new novel, The Gondola Maker, back in summer 2013. After significant revisions and getting comments back from my group of beta readers, it is clear to me how much her feedback helped me improve the manuscript. Thank you!
— Laura Morelli, Author of Kirkus Reviews Indie Book of the Month, THE GONDOLA MAKER
We thoroughly enjoy working with Jessica. She is professional, knowledgeable and goes above and beyond. The quality of her work is excellent and we highly recommend her.
— Lambda Award winner Heartsome Publishing (HUNTRESS, THE LOUDEST SILENCE)
Extremely excellent timing. This is refreshing in an ‘I’m booked’ editing world. Kept to her promised deadlines and sent updates. Such a pleasant experience. Making editing for my debut novel less stressful.
— Beth Aldrich, award-winning author of PINK SLIPS (2017) and REAL MOMS LOVE TO EAT (Penguin/NAL, 2012)
I can’t say enough about my collaboration with Jessica. From our initial proposal discussions all the way through to the completed copyedit and beyond, she was absolutely marvelous: professional, enthusiastic, and just all around amazing. She was quick to respond to any messages I sent and I always felt she was available if I needed her. As a new author, she has been endlessly patient and flexible with me, providing the perfect mix of critique and encouragement throughout our collaboration. I know she made my manuscript better and I would recommend her to any writer at any level in a heartbeat.
— Sarah Holz, THE GOD'S WIFE
Always available to chat, debate and discuss, and help out to find other resources, too. Would love to work together again in the future.
— Hardik Parikh, PracTutor, Inc.
Jessica was fantastic from start to finish. Her insight and words helped me finalize my work on my first book and helped me make it even better. Jessica really showed her stuff when she went above expected and dug deep into my subject matter to uncover things I had not even thought about. She is a true professional. Thank you.
— Crit Kennedy, Military Novelist
A wonderful and versatile editor.

Working with Jessica on my LGBTQ+ fantasy/romance novel was great. (And anyone who has gone though the usually painful process of editing knows that’s saying a lot.) She knew how to encourage an insecure writer while helping me grow and really brought out what was important in my sprawling novel. She’s excellent at pacing and objectively seeing where things fit into a narrative, all while focusing on keeping the writer’s own voice in the foreground.

She seems to have good knowledge of different genres and be ready to take on new projects, even if they aren’t her usual fare. I look forward to working with Jessica again and would recommend her to anyone looking for a high quality editor.
— Emma Sterner Radley, author of MAKING A TINDERBOX (Heartsome Publishing, UK)
I heartily recommend my editor, Jessica Hatch. Her prices are great, but it’s her personal service that you will love most.
— Kay Dew Shostak, Author of Chancey Book Series
Book coaching is a fluid process, one in which Jessica excels. As my needs (and my novel’s) change, Jessica is able to adapt without missing a beat. Her feedback is always right on target: specific, detailed, and (most importantly) actionable.

After receiving Jessica’s comprehensive feedback of my first draft, I opted for a more detailed review of the second draft: chapter by chapter rather than one lump editorial letter at the end.

The result? She’s helped me identify structural issues with both plot AND character development that would’ve been nearly impossible to fix dozens of chapters down the road. Rather than a receiving a large list of edits to be made across hundreds of pages, I will receive a list of 8 or 9 edits to apply over 10-20 pages.

Processing and utilizing feedback on a more frequent basis has made the process of writing and revising my novel less overwhelming and significantly less scary.

Jessica’s flexibility and willingness to coach me the way I need coaching has already made the second draft of my novel significantly better than the first. You couldn’t ask for someone better to help guide you through your writing process.
— Meg Bodemer, Author of THE PHOENIX RISING Series
It is without hesitation that I heartily recommend Jessica Hatch for any role where her expertise in editing, ghostwriting and literary excellence can be of service.

Her skill and style are characterized by:
• Attention to detail
• Initiative
• Constructive improvements
• Professionalism
• Transparency
• Tact
• Speed
• Follow through

Her contributions were outstanding, making the blog a highly sought-after and successful communication, now used for new patient orientation and even publicized in a local magazine sent to 15,000 homes and businesses in our North Florida area.
— Artie Lynnworth, Health & Wellness Blogger
After using two freelance editors in New York I got lucky and found Jessica. She made me feel as if she was invested in getting the project right. Her critique was not overly dogmatic, nor was it tepid. After her initial feedback my mind was open to new ideas, ideas that were well considered and beneficial to the project. Jessica maintains a high standard of professionalism and is easy to work with. Her experience and approach to a manuscript will definitely help add that polish you’re looking for. I would highly recommend working with her.
— Paul Smit, Author of CALLIAH: LIFE IN THE MAZE