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Freelance editor Jessica Hatch has always focused on telling stories and on telling stories well.

How to Add Humor to Your Novel, Part Two

Last month, I shared with you a primer on how to add humor to your novel, even if your novel isn't meant to be funny. 

I then realized that I had a fantastic connection to share with you, comedian and writer Matthew Fay, based in New York. With Matt's generous permission, we chatted for half an hour about the construction and delivery of a good joke, as well as comic influences novelists can check out.

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How to Add Humor to Your Novel, Even If Your Novel Isn't Funny

“Do you have any more questions before you launch into revision?” I asked. 

“Well, I do have one — any advice on how to write funny scenes?” she said. 

Humor plays many roles in fiction, not just in books that are meant to be funny.

And if your funny bone is a little rusty, this week's blog post breaks down the building blocks of the joke, offers three considerations for conducting comedic research, and shares two sample scenes for you, the budding comedian, to learn from.

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Play It SMART: Treat Your Writing Goals Like Science Experiments

A SMART goal is the difference between saying, “I’d really love to write a novel” and saying, “By June 30 of this year, I’ll have the first draft of my 70,000-word novel written.”

But how will you achieve your goal? You still need a plan to get those 70,000 words onto paper, right? And what if your initial plan for achieving that goal doesn’t work?

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Three Ways to Leave "Imposter Syndrome" in the Dust

Imposter Syndrome is a phenomenon where a person has attained some new position or honor but does not feel worthy of it. It gets its name from the persistent and (usually) irrational anxiety that we will be outed as someone who doesn’t deserve such plaudits. 

Here are three suggestions for how to work around it so that you can better enjoy the awesome opportunities that you've earned. (That's right! Earned!)

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