Hatch Editorial for BWH: "How to Successfully Cold Pitch (Even When You're Scared)"

Source:  Babes Who Hustle , 2018.

Source: Babes Who Hustle, 2018.

Dear Writers,

I’m pleased to share my first monthly contributor article for Babes Who Hustle with you. (See the link below to read the full piece on the BWH website.) 

An article about cold pitching may seem like it’s “all business," but this one has fantastic take-away points for you as a writer. In fact, the art of the follow-up, which is one of its key points, is how I landed this monthly contributor position in the first place!

Here’s an excerpt from the article to whet your appetite:

"Thank you for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon."
It was a late Thursday last June, and I was following up on requests for proposals for my editorial business. I hit send and looked up from the screen to give my eyes a break.
Across the alley from my desk, a woman stood at her office window. She was arranging a handful of greeting cards on the sill, and, considering that the holidays were months away, I guessed that it must be her birthday.
I’d seen my “alleyway coworker” every workday for months at this point, but we’d both pretended the other didn’t exist.
If cold and "lukewarm" pitches were working for my editorial business, then they could work here, too, I thought. I snagged a sheet of printer paper and a Sharpie, and got to work.


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