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How to Afford Writing Conferences on an Unpredictable Budget

Some of these workshops and courses will cost you a decent chunk of change, somewhere around four figures.

This is not to fleece students, but rather to cover overhead costs like location, refreshments, faculty salaries, and so on. However, if you come up against a great writing opportunity only to find that you can’t afford it, this explanation must be of very little comfort. 

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Money Monday: Adapting Your Budget to Fit a Solopreneur Lifestyle + FREE Expense Tracking Template

Last week, we discussed standard budgeting, using the 50/20/30 Rule as a guideline to create your own budget tracking spreadsheet.

But what if you don’t make steady money? What if you’re a freelance writer who is paid by the word, a solopreneur, or an individual who otherwise inhabits the gig economy?

Then read on. This blog post is for you.

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Money Monday: The 50/20/30 Rule is Your Budgeting Secret Weapon

To be financially literate, one must first know how to build a budget.

In my experience, “budget" is one of those words that fills people with dread. They associate it with being broke, being limited, when they should keep in mind that even billionaires have a budget. (Well, at least the responsible ones.)

One way to make the hard numbers easy is the 50/20/30 Rule.


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