Hatch Editorial Services Appears on Entrepreneurial Podcast

On a coffee-fueled morning in March, I hopped on Skype to speak with Richard Keller, the host of Wooden Pants Network’s The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur. We chatted about life as freelance editors, and earlier this month, our conversation went live on his podcast.

Keller was a gracious host, a thoughtful and intelligent interviewer. He’s the brains behind Wooden Pants Publishing & Media, a company that, like Hatch Editorial Services, provides quality publishing services to its clients. He’s seeing great success thanks to podcasts like The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur and The Daily Author, which you guys should definitely check out on iTunes.

A lot of the things we discussed relating to entrepreneurs – like getting your name out there, practicing self-care, and knowing when to ask for help – can apply to emerging writers, too.

Have a listen, and be sure to share with your friends!