Manuscript Critique:
Structural & Content-Level Editorial Feedback

In 3-4 weeks, you get practical action items to make your manuscript marketable, polished, & prepped for submission.

“I feel like I finally have a fighting chance at publication after everything you’ve done for me. I really can’t thank you enough.” — Taylor Tampa, Author of THE GATEKEEPERS

Manuscript Critique start dates available beginning October 28.

Negotiations begin at $0.03 per word.
Budget tier + payment plans available.

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On or before deadline, you will receive:

  1. A comprehensive editorial letter, identifying and prescribing solutions for structural and content-level concerns.

  2. Your annotated manuscript, line edited to improve narrative flow, with grammar, spelling, and punctuation corrected via track changes.

Keeping you in the loop:

  1. Weekly Status Memos. Active Manuscript Critique clients receive Weekly Status Memos that update them on Jessica's progress throughout their projects and educate them on writing and publishing topics of interest to the individual client.

  2. Complimentary Follow-Up Call. Even the most thorough editorial letter can leave an author with follow-up questions. Take advantage of my complimentary call offering to address your concerns about my editorial letter, your manuscript, or the publishing process in general.

“Not only does Jessica have a keen eye for grammar details, but she easily recognizes contextual gaps. She makes fantastic suggestions to improve the pacing of the story and development of characters. She mades the editing/revising process quite enjoyable. I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone.” — Sabra Waldfogel, Author of LET ME FLY