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Completely Booked podcast. Ep. 40. “Down the Hatch.” March 2019.

FROM THE COMPLETELY BOOKED PLAYER FM PAGE: “Ever wondered what it takes to take a book from manuscript to publication? Literary editor Jessica Hatch of Hatch Editorial Services is here to walk us through the process. How does a book get picked up for trade publishing? What does it take for a book to become a bestseller? Find out on this episode!”

Link to listen: https://player.fm/series/completely-booked/ep-40-down-the-hatch-jessica-hatch


Reedsy blog. “How Long Should Your Novel Be? Our Editors Have the Answers.” September 2017.

FROM THE ARTICLE: “If you’re hoping to land a book deal with a traditional publisher, you don’t want to give an editor a reason to turn your book away. That’s why freelance editor Jessica Hatch urges you to follow their rules. “In the New York agencies I worked for, it was rare to see a 120,000-word manuscript avoid the slush pile. This is because we were groomed to understand that, even if a long manuscript is strong from start to finish, it would take considerable work to convince an editor to buy it at auction.”

Link to read more: https://blog.reedsy.com/how-many-words-in-a-novel/.


Fast Company. “How I Saved $900 a Month So I Could Finally Become My Own Boss.” November 2016.

FROM THE ARTICLE: “Before quitting her day job, this freelancer gave herself a year to take her savings account from $1,100 to over $10,000.”

Link to read more: https://www.fastcompany.com/3065167/how-i-saved-900-a-month-so-i-could-finally-become-my-own-b.