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Write Away podcast. Ep. 5. “Pitch Perfect.” July 2019.

Listen as Natalie Lockett and I discuss the best ways to keep agents from saying “no,” both in slush AND in person.

Click play on the graphic to the left to listen.


Completely Booked podcast. Ep. 40. “Down the Hatch.” March 2019.

FROM THE COMPLETELY BOOKED PLAYER FM PAGE: “Ever wondered what it takes to take a book from manuscript to publication? Literary editor Jessica Hatch of Hatch Editorial Services is here to walk us through the process. How does a book get picked up for trade publishing? What does it take for a book to become a bestseller? Find out on this episode!”

Link to listen: https://player.fm/series/completely-booked/ep-40-down-the-hatch-jessica-hatch


Reedsy blog. “How Long Should Your Novel Be? Our Editors Have the Answers.” September 2017.

FROM THE ARTICLE: “If you’re hoping to land a book deal with a traditional publisher, you don’t want to give an editor a reason to turn your book away. That’s why freelance editor Jessica Hatch urges you to follow their rules. “In the New York agencies I worked for, it was rare to see a 120,000-word manuscript avoid the slush pile. This is because we were groomed to understand that, even if a long manuscript is strong from start to finish, it would take considerable work to convince an editor to buy it at auction.”

Link to read more: https://blog.reedsy.com/how-many-words-in-a-novel/.


Fast Company. “How I Saved $900 a Month So I Could Finally Become My Own Boss.” November 2016.

FROM THE ARTICLE: “Before quitting her day job, this freelancer gave herself a year to take her savings account from $1,100 to over $10,000.”

Link to read more: https://www.fastcompany.com/3065167/how-i-saved-900-a-month-so-i-could-finally-become-my-own-b.