Select Editorial Portfolio, 2014 - Present.

Full portfolio available upon request.

Freelancer of Record for the Following Companies:

  • Editorial Freelancers Association

  • Gotham Ghostwriters Network

  • Heartsome Publishing

  • Skyhorse Publishing

  • University of California Riverside Press

  • Victoria Sanders & Associates

AND I AIN’T GOIN’ BACK, Teri Daniels. (Memoir.) 

  • Memoir about Hurricane Katrina and the unlikely friendship formed between a suburban wife and mother and a dispossessed black man.

  • Manuscript requested by Nadeen Gayle, Serendipity Lit.

ASCENDANT,  J.S. Devey. (Ecological science fiction.)

BECOMING LYLA DORE, Teri Youmans Grimm. (Red Hen Press, April 2016.) 

  • Hired as local and regional publicist for Southeastern U.S., November 2015 – April 2016.


CHANCEY BOOK SERIES & FLORIDA BOOKS SERIES, Kay Dew Shostak. (Self-published women's fiction, PB and e-book.)

  • Provided copyediting and proofreading services for DERAILED IN CHANCEY (Book 3), CHANCEY JOBS (Book 4), and KIDS ARE CHANCEY (Book 5).

  • Provided manuscript critique for new, stand-alone novel BACKWATER, FLORIDA (February 2017).

  • For more information:

COME DANCING and KEEP DANCING, Leslie Wells. (Self-published contemporary romance series, PB and e-book.)

DON’T ADOPT ME, Einar Jordan. (Memoir.) 

  • The memoir of a single Cuban-American man who fought the American and Canadian governments to get his niece out of foster care and won.

THE FIVE PIVOTAL POINTS OF CHANGE, Rena B. Schochet. (Self-published self-help title, PB and e-book.)

  • Provided book publicity services for this self-help title on a more mindful approach to the big and little changes in our lives.

  • For more information, visit:

THE GEMSTONE GIRLS, Stef Kramer. (Upmarket women's fiction.)

  • Provided developmental editing and two rounds of line editing for this novel reminiscent of Jodi Picoult, about an adverse childhood event in 1980s small-town Iowa.

  • Thus far, manuscript request from Jane Dystel of Dystel, Goderich & Bourret.

  • Client was appreciative of Hatch Editorial's work and is eager to work together again on a future project.


THE GONDOLA MAKER, Laura Morelli. (Self-published historical novel, PB and e-book.)

HOPE AFTER STROKE, Tsgoyna Tanzman. (Self-published medical self-help, e-book.)

  • Provided Manuscript Critique and in-depth line-editing services for this optimistic yet realistic take on the life of a stroke survivor.

  • HOPE AFTER STROKE hit #1 in three categories on Kindle Unlimited within its first week of publication, including Cognitive Neuroscience & Cognitive Neuropsychology, as well as Physician & Patient Healing.

  • For more information, visit:

I WAS BORN A BOY, FROM VENUS, Ella Marques. (Self-published memoir, HC, PB, and e-book.)

  • Provided two rounds of copyediting and proofreading services for one woman's journey of courage and self-discovery, as she transitions from MTF at age sixty.

  • Memoir hit Top 100 in Amazon's LGBTQ Biography/Memoir Category.

  • Client interviewed by Miami Herald, currently booking speaking engagements in South Florida.

  • Client appreciative of work; requested that I work with her on several additional titles, currently in the works.

  • For more information, visit:

JUICY’S LAST WILL AND TESTIMONY, Deborah Prum. (Cozy mystery.)

  • Provided query materials services for this humorous, cozy mystery about a dysfunctional Connecticut family and the one nephew who wants to dig them out of debt and their dreary lifestyle.

  • JUICY has received at least two “full-manuscript” requests from literary agencies since our collaboration.

LITTLE BIT OF DARKNESS, Erin Cox. (Literary fiction.)

  • Provided proofreading and copyediting services for this novel about one woman's journey from New York to the mountains of Kentucky, from traumatic accident to complicated healing.

  • LITTLE BIT OF DARKNESS received four "full-manuscript" requests from top-tier agents.

MEMOIR OF A CASHIER: KOREAN AMERICANS, RACISM, AND RIOTS, Carol Park. (Young Oak Kim Center, University of California Riverside, February 2017.) 

  • Provided proofreading and copyediting services for this personal account of strained race relations between African Americans and Korean American shop owners in Compton, leading up to and following the L.A. Riots of 4/29/1992.

  • MEMOIR OF A CASHIER was later profiled in the L.A. Times (source).

  • Client appreciative of work; requested my approval to become a vendor for UC Riverside and work with her on two other projects.

THE PHOENIX RISING Series, Meg Bodemer. (YA fantasy series.)

  • Currently providing novel coaching, from outlining through manuscript completion, for a Young Adult fantasy series about a young girl who loses everything and is forced into an arranged marriage, until she grows strong enough to fight back.

  • In-progress.


PINK SLIPS, Beth Aldrich. (Self-published suspense thriller, PB, e-book.)

  • Provided copyediting and proofreading services for debut suspense thriller from award-winning author Beth Aldrich (Real Moms Love to Eat, Penguin/NAL, 2012).

  • PINK SLIPS hit #1 in Psychological Thrillers and #3 Overall on the Amazon Best Sellers lists in July 2017.

  • PINK SLIPS has received 5-star reviews from the likes of Indie Review and was runner-up in the 2017 General Fiction category at the San Francisco Book Festival.

  • Listed in Acknowledgments.

  • Learn more at and

THE PRINCE OF IMGERNIA, Rachel Hedeen. (YA science fiction, on submission.)

  • Provided developmental editing, copyediting, and query letter services for a YA sci-fi novel.

  • Since working with Hatch Editorial, THE PRINCE OF IMGERNIA has increased its partial manuscript requests by 100% (and is sure to get more in future!)

THIRD DAWN, Jay Benford. (Techno-thriller.)

  • Provided developmental editing, line editing, copyediting and proofreading for this witty thriller exploring the point of technological singularity as a reality TV show.

TINK AND TOD, Deborah Diner. (Middle grade fiction.)

  • Middle grade fiction about two unlikely cousins who find themselves on an adventure through uncharted territory together.

  • Manuscript requested by New Leaf Literary & Media.

Rose Crane.jpg

THE ROSE AND THE CRANE, Clint Dohmen. (Self-published historical fiction, PB, e-book.)

  • Provided developmental editing and copyediting/proofreading services for Clint Dohmen's debut novel.

  • The novel has since scored critical acclaim, including a 4.2/5-star review on Indie Reader: "THE ROSE AND THE CRANE reads like a medieval Pirates of the Carribbean, featuring non-stop action-adventure with almost never a dull moment."

  • Listed in Acknowledgments.

  • Learn more on GoodReads.

THE SASSANA STONE Series, James Vella-Bardon. (Unbound, March 2018.)

  • Historical fiction series in which a man press-ganged into the Spanish Armada and shipwrecked in Ireland must survive a new way of life in the last days of Gaelic Connacht.

  • Provided manuscript evaluation for the first novel, The Sheriff's Catch, as well as book coaching for the series' outline. Series in-progress.

  • Speaking to the popularity of the text, Vella-Bardon's Unbound campaign became fully funded within 5.5 days, far less time than the 3 months allotted.

  • Since publication, The Sheriff’s Catch has experienced much acclaim, including hitting #4 on W.H. Smith Books’ bestseller list.

  • For more information:

THE SHREDDED CHEF, Michael Matthews. (Fitness cookbook, HC, PB, and e-book.) 

  • Matthews was so impressed with my edits on his outline for TESLA that he hired me to edit a second edition of THE SHREDDED CHEF, his fitness cookbook.

  • Sold 3,000 copies in its first week.

  • Broke into the Top 150 in Cookbooks - Health & Fitness on Amazon, fall 2016.

  • For more information:

UNLOCKING FREEDOM'S DOOR, Ken Fox. (Flat Pond Publishing, 2016.) 

  • Referred to me by Laura Morelli.

  • Historical novel about a biracial school teacher, a Union general, and three brave men who rowed across the Chesapeake to freedom in Civil War era Virginia.

  • Requested my services for a second pass-through after implementing my suggested edits.

  • In the Acknowledgments: "Jessica Hatch challenged me to bring Mary, General Butler and the other characters to life."

Various works, Anna Kovatcheva. (Magic realism, short stories, essays.) 

  • Listed in Acknowledgments of THE WHITE SWALLOW, Kovatcheva’s award-winning chapbook (Gold Line Press, 2015).

  • Kenyon Review Short Fiction Contest Runner-Up, 2014.

  • For more, visit

WILDER, Traci O. Connor. (YA dystopian novel, forthcoming.) 

  • Represented by Victoria Sanders and Associates, who requested another editorial pass prior to submitting to auction.