ONLINE MASTER CLASS: Plotting, Planning, & Publishing

ONLINE MASTER CLASS: Plotting, Planning, & Publishing


Professional editor Jessica Hatch's in-person classes have been received to positive reviews. Now, access her most popular course, “Plotting, Planning, & Publishing,” online!

When you purchase the master class, you will receive a passcode and links to all four lessons so that you can get started and move seamlessly throughout the course. (Learn more about each unit below.)

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"Your classes were really inspiring and helpful. The info you provided is helping me create and organize my work. Thanks for lighting the fire under me. It's finally in motion and coming together." — Melynda S.

Each part of the course comes with a recorded lecture on a different stage in the writing process, as well as an annotated slide deck and a worksheet designed to challenge your writing and editing practice:

Part 1 - Personal Identity and the Power of Words

Find the story you were born to tell, then learn some dynamic research and prewriting strategies to help you tell that story.

  1. Create a successful outline for your book, one that raises the stakes and engages the reader effectively.
  2. Learn the difference between "plotting" and "pantsting."
  3. Use a 3-step thought exercise to develop a compelling outline focused on three-dimensional storytelling.
  4. Plan a writing schedule that works for you.

Part 2 - Building a Productive Daily Writing Practice

Warm up your creative mind, and get tips for a writing practice you can be proud of.

  1. Add free writing to your regular writing practice.
  2. Explore scheduling and anti-distraction resources.
  3. Discover cures for the common writer’s block.
  4. Try out Jessica's Madlib Literary Device Challenge.
  5. Review 3 pages of U.S. writers’ residency listings… plus, learn about budget-friendly alternatives to them!

Part 3 - Editing Strategies to Make Your Work Shine

Sometimes, it's hard to see the forest for the trees — especially if it's a forest you're really passionate about. This lesson is all about opening up that inner editing eye, taking your completed manuscript from rough draft to polished prose.

  1. Learn which are the Top 5 editorial mistakes Jessica sees… and how to fix them.
  2. Keep your cool with management tools for your own revisionary to-do list.
  3. Download two editing checklists:
    • #1: Questions to Help Identify Problem Areas in Your Manuscript
    • #2: Your Individualized Plan of Attack for Revision

Part 4 - 'I've Written a Book... Now What?'

Drawing on her experience in trade publishing and the freelance sector, Ms. Hatch will discuss traditional and self-publishing options for writers that have a draft ready to "shop around." 

  1. Read up on traditional and self-publishing options.
  2. Dissect the anatomy of a query letter.
  3. Travel down a traditional publishing timeline.
  4. Crunch the numbers with a sample budgeting worksheet for self-published authors.