Maybe you have a novel. Or a memoir. Or an inkling of one.

Maybe you’re finishing your last round of edits and want to focus on being your own best hype (wo)man.

Maybe you tick one or more of these boxes but have no idea:

  • how to get started;

  • how to put your best, most polished pitch forward;

  • how to succeed.

Jessica Hatch is a professional freelance editor with 8+ years of publishing experience. She worked her way through the slush pile at New York-based literary agencies like Writers House, New Leaf Literary & Media, and Fox Literary Management, and learned what attracts readers to a book at St. Martin’s Press.

Jessica’s editorial clients have gone on to receive partial and full manuscript requests from agents, to earn Kirkus starred reviews and placement on Best Book of the Year lists, and to win national awards.

As a writer, Jessica has won pitch wars; attended juried workshops in Aspen, London, and Rome; and has been published in The Millions, Fast Company, Burrow Press, and Babes Who Hustle, among others.

I wanted to share some good news. I spent the past couple of months tightening my script and ended up cutting 20K words. I took the bonus query you created (thank you!) as a model and retooled my letter to focus on the dark satire. I sent out this new letter to a small batch of agents last week, and I just got my first full script request today. I wanted to say thank you again. Your edits and advice have really helped me!

—Mark Donahue

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