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Five Organizational and Motivational Tips for Self-Revision

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve completed the first draft of your manuscript.

First off: Congratulations! Second: Hop in. I have five organizational and motivational tips to set you on the path for productive self-revision.

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Authorship is Not a Zero-Sum Game (A Pep Talk for Writers)

I went through a rough patch in college, one in which I didn’t have many dates. I saw everyone coupling up around me, and I hated it. One night, my roommate came back from a party, happy to tell me that she’d met someone.

If I could go back in time, I would tell her how happy I was for her. I would give her a hug and ask for details. Instead, I spat my toothpaste moodily into the sink and said, “Great. And I’m going to die alone.”

Definitely not my proudest moment!

It sounds ridiculous that I would even say that, but are you doing the same thing to your writing friends?

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Four Reasons We Descend into the Underworld: Lessons from Margaret Atwood, Part 2

One of the most pivotal things I gleaned from reading through Negotiating with the Dead was Atwood’s four reasons why we descend into the underworld (i.e., why we write). Last week, I covered the first two: material wealth and to do battle with a monster.

Here, we round out the last two, and hopefully with them, challenge your sense of self as a writer.

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